Sunday, December 30, 2007

Elton needs your help!!!

We are putting a call out for donations for Elton. Elton is an approximately 6 year old setter boy that has a bad hernia which prevents him from leading the good life he should be. We have tried to alleviate his discomfort with chiropractic adjustments, however, the hernia is so bad that those alone will not take care of the issues. Elton is in constant distress from heartburn, which causes him to drink water excessively, pant constantly, at times throw up his food and due to the excessive drinking causes him to have some accidents in the house.
Please help this boy by donating money for his surgery (Gastroplasty) which will cost around $2,000 to $3,000 dollars for the special procedure needed.

Elton is an active boy, that has a keen nose for birds and an excellent point. He also is extremely affectionate. Once his surgery is completed, he will make somebody a loyal, loving companion, that could also be a hunting buddy. Please help us to make this dream come true for Elton!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Elton was tested on birds and as you can see passed with flying colors! Nothing is better than a beautiful fall day, a gorgeous setter and BIRDS!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wing Tested!

No setter will come to the Clark House without getting the chance to play wings.
It didn't take long and Elton was right in the middle of the game!

Pouncing around like a little puppy.

That yearning look at the pheasant wing in foster daddy's hand...

Elton had to get the hang of things intially....

FINALLY! Elton catches the wing!!
...and is as relunctant as the rest to give it up---but he did eventually. :-)

Elton is an Indy Boy now!

Elton has arrived in his new foster home in Indianapolis.
What a SWEET fella Elton is. He greeted the 5 other furkids like he's always known them...
...and fit right in.
The yard went through thorough inspections---including the invariable sniff test.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life In Foster Care

I am doing pretty darn good in my foster home. I have a family to spend time with ( even if they are only on loan to me) I have kids to play with. I have a endless water supply to drink from and to take a dip in, and I get lots of cuddles! One day I hope I can get all this with my forever family!!!
Here is what My foster mom says about me.

Elton has adjusted to the cats and does not bother them anymore
Elton is trained on the invisible fence(Learned in 2 days) .. Elton thinks this is a record!!
Know's the commands sit, no, and easy (due to the snatching of food)
He is good with other dogs
Barks to alert the family
Elton s a very happyand sweet boy
Loves water, he loves drinking from the hose, playing in the kiddie pool or fish pond and best of all he likes bathes.
Elton is very responsive to human praise and attention
Elton is crate trained
Loves to give kisses and he thinks he is a lap dog ( he likes hugs too)
Rides well in the car
Walks well on a leash
Good with kids (my kids are 3 and 5 yrs old)
Loves to play ball (he chases the baseball that my son hits in the yard and he brings them back)
Likes sqeaky toys
Loves treats
Loves to be with a human companion and would make a great friend for someone.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Life is Great

Laying in the sun with a yummy chewy.. What more could a boy ask for... Well except my furever family! I am enjoying my time at my foster home and I especially like all the attention I am getting! I get brushed and loved on... I really love to cuddle with my foster mom and she compares me to a giant stuffed bear..( what ever that is?) I hope my new family will like to cuddle!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

What An Exciting Few Days

I have had the BEST few days! My foster mom came and picked me up and she brought me home and I got to meet my foster siblings! I like having siblings but I really like my humans too. I love to give and get hugs! Sharing hugs are the best. I have been busy exploring the yard, and my new digs! There is even a parrot here and he tries to tell me what to do. I fell for it the first time he told me to sit but now on am on to him! I have a back yard that has lot's of birds in it but soetimes I like to habg out in the house that way I can have extra cuddles! I also went to the Vets and I met all sorts of people and was the hit of the party! Everyone said how handsome I am and well behaved, and my mom said I was a perfect gentlemen. I also found out that I am a AWESOME traveling companion! Riding in the car is way cool! I hope my new family will be able to give me lot's of fun days too!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I can't believe there are no treats out here! Someone must have gotten to them first. I will be better prepared next time!
My new friend from IBR came today to take my picture! She says that I am just the sweetest boy ever. She says that even though I was very excited to see her that I was still very gallant and well behaved! I even posed for this picture. I have 6 years of worldly experience under my belt and I am also HW negative and UTD on my shots. I am told I will also be neuterd but I am unsure what that is.
I have been looking high and low for my new family! Nope they aren't in here! I did find some treats though and as you can see I really like treats, and hey why not? A dog with my nobel status should be allowed lot's of yummy treats. They tell me I might have to watch what I eat for a while. Hmmmm I suppose a more svelt figure would be very knightly.
Hi I'm Elton and I was left in a holding pen at a local shelter, lucky for me the people at this shelter are nice. A wonderful lady contacted IBR and now these nice folks will help me find my new family. They tell me I am a very sweet boy and I have a lot to offer a family. I am already looking!