Monday, June 11, 2007

Life is Great

Laying in the sun with a yummy chewy.. What more could a boy ask for... Well except my furever family! I am enjoying my time at my foster home and I especially like all the attention I am getting! I get brushed and loved on... I really love to cuddle with my foster mom and she compares me to a giant stuffed bear..( what ever that is?) I hope my new family will like to cuddle!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

What An Exciting Few Days

I have had the BEST few days! My foster mom came and picked me up and she brought me home and I got to meet my foster siblings! I like having siblings but I really like my humans too. I love to give and get hugs! Sharing hugs are the best. I have been busy exploring the yard, and my new digs! There is even a parrot here and he tries to tell me what to do. I fell for it the first time he told me to sit but now on am on to him! I have a back yard that has lot's of birds in it but soetimes I like to habg out in the house that way I can have extra cuddles! I also went to the Vets and I met all sorts of people and was the hit of the party! Everyone said how handsome I am and well behaved, and my mom said I was a perfect gentlemen. I also found out that I am a AWESOME traveling companion! Riding in the car is way cool! I hope my new family will be able to give me lot's of fun days too!