Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wing Tested!

No setter will come to the Clark House without getting the chance to play wings.
It didn't take long and Elton was right in the middle of the game!

Pouncing around like a little puppy.

That yearning look at the pheasant wing in foster daddy's hand...

Elton had to get the hang of things intially....

FINALLY! Elton catches the wing!!
...and is as relunctant as the rest to give it up---but he did eventually. :-)

Elton is an Indy Boy now!

Elton has arrived in his new foster home in Indianapolis.
What a SWEET fella Elton is. He greeted the 5 other furkids like he's always known them...
...and fit right in.
The yard went through thorough inspections---including the invariable sniff test.