Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life In Foster Care

I am doing pretty darn good in my foster home. I have a family to spend time with ( even if they are only on loan to me) I have kids to play with. I have a endless water supply to drink from and to take a dip in, and I get lots of cuddles! One day I hope I can get all this with my forever family!!!
Here is what My foster mom says about me.

Elton has adjusted to the cats and does not bother them anymore
Elton is trained on the invisible fence(Learned in 2 days) .. Elton thinks this is a record!!
Know's the commands sit, no, and easy (due to the snatching of food)
He is good with other dogs
Barks to alert the family
Elton s a very happyand sweet boy
Loves water, he loves drinking from the hose, playing in the kiddie pool or fish pond and best of all he likes bathes.
Elton is very responsive to human praise and attention
Elton is crate trained
Loves to give kisses and he thinks he is a lap dog ( he likes hugs too)
Rides well in the car
Walks well on a leash
Good with kids (my kids are 3 and 5 yrs old)
Loves to play ball (he chases the baseball that my son hits in the yard and he brings them back)
Likes sqeaky toys
Loves treats
Loves to be with a human companion and would make a great friend for someone.