Sunday, May 20, 2007

I can't believe there are no treats out here! Someone must have gotten to them first. I will be better prepared next time!
My new friend from IBR came today to take my picture! She says that I am just the sweetest boy ever. She says that even though I was very excited to see her that I was still very gallant and well behaved! I even posed for this picture. I have 6 years of worldly experience under my belt and I am also HW negative and UTD on my shots. I am told I will also be neuterd but I am unsure what that is.
I have been looking high and low for my new family! Nope they aren't in here! I did find some treats though and as you can see I really like treats, and hey why not? A dog with my nobel status should be allowed lot's of yummy treats. They tell me I might have to watch what I eat for a while. Hmmmm I suppose a more svelt figure would be very knightly.
Hi I'm Elton and I was left in a holding pen at a local shelter, lucky for me the people at this shelter are nice. A wonderful lady contacted IBR and now these nice folks will help me find my new family. They tell me I am a very sweet boy and I have a lot to offer a family. I am already looking!